Clay a Go Go was created from a generous neighbor and a creative stay-at-home mom that disliked taking toddlers to ceramic stores. About 10 years ago, my neighbor was packing up their lives up and moving out of So Cal and heading to Idaho. They had an old kiln that they were giving away for FREE! Well, me being a creative mom with way too much energy back then, {to have that energy again} decided to take it and figure out how to use it for my personal creations. That’s how it all began… Birthday parties, girl’s nights, scouts, fundraiser, I did them all on the “GO GO”! Hence, Clay a Go Go! What a fabulous adventure working with kids & mommies and tapping into their creative juices.
Well, fast forward to today the boys are getting big and Clay a Go Go is still serving the North County Coastal area of San Diego. I love to work with all types of groups….including Children’s Birthday Parties, Scouts, Mommy-to-Be, Girls’ Night Out, Workshops and Fundraising Groups!
I have partnered with Always Gourmet and now provide fabulous cupcakes and other scrumptious delights.
The Go Go Box was recently created and now I have ceramics on your terms….take them anywhere you want to “Go Go”….no more retail stores….personalize your creativity…it’s CONTAGIOUS!
So that is our motto…Contagious Creativity! We can make any event special…from a day with the kiddos to 40 ladies getting their creative groove on at a Girls’ Night Out Fundraiser!